Here’s Whatcha Don’t Know: I started this blog after taking a 5 year blogging break to readjust my piss-poor attitude.

I find that though I really enjoy parenting blogs, I need more than a good recipe and lovely photo to keep me engaged. I realize that my job here on earth, as a mom, is to make sure my daughter has better info than I did. When I was pregnant with her, I began to write her letters. After she was born, we opened an email account for her and started to email her regularly. For big events, like the first day of preschool, or on a vacation, we’d shoot her notes about what she was doing at that exact moment to preserve it. I think she’ll enjoy the shit out of it someday.

As I started to write her more detailed letters about how to handle things, I realize that a lot of people might want to read advice given by someone with little to no experience or measurable success. I mean, shit, we elected someone like that president, right? Twice? I figure I can do some stuff do. I *am* the decider. Of my house.

I hope you enjoy my letters.


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